What's the name of the color on the newly released Ranger Raptor?


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Feb 2, 2022
All-New Ford Ranger Raptor_03.jpg

Does anyone know what the name of this new green color is? I'm really digging the look of it and I can't seem to find mention of it anywhere.
Has me wondering if it's the new 2024 Ford Performance exclusive color replacing Code Orange. FP has a history of reveals with their specialty color for that MY.
Shelter Green!

You can get a good look at the color in this video at the 38 second mark:

Where did you find that name? I've watched dozens of videos and haven't been able to find it. It looks a lot darker in that video than the photos that Ford posted. It must be a lot like the other metallic paints Ford is offering like Hot Pepper Red Metallic which looks completely different depending on the time of day.