Ford Ranger Raptor review - a new breed of fast Ford? | Autocar


Feb 6, 2023
Nice close look at some of the exterior details and spirited off-road review.

"When it was first announced that the Ford Ranger Raptor would be sold in the UK, some were sceptical of its chances. Sure, performance pick-up trucks have been big sellers in the USA for as long as anybody can remember, but who’d have wanted one over here - especially considering that the only engine available was a four-cylinder diesel?
The answer to that question was, somewhat surprisingly, a lot - in 2021 alone, one of the quietest years for the car industry ever, Ford sold 8000 of these in Europe. Impressive.
After seeing the demand for this faster Ranger, Ford immediately started working on a more hardcore replacement, and this is it. With a revised chassis, some very clever suspension components and a turbocharged V6 under the bonnet, it should be a hoot to drive.
Join Matt Saunders as he unleashes the Raptor’s inner Baja truck on the gravel roads of Spain."